Alex wenham


I am an award-winning stone carver based in Oxford. I specialise in the following services:

Architectural Stone Carving
Restoration of Stone Carvings
Letter Cutting

My work is sharp, accurate, and carried out at a speed to challenge the very fastest in the profession. Since graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge in 2000, I have practised my trade with rigour and discipline and have won some of the highest international accolades in the industry.

Besides stone carving itself, I have sound knowledge of all aspects of stone construction and care, with experience in banker work, conservation techniques, letter cutting, draughtsmanship and design, fixing, site management, consultancy, and teaching.

I have worked on stone buildings of every century from the eleventh to the twenty-first. In addition, it has been my good fortune to restore some of the most prestigious buildings of both the UK and France (where I lived for eight years). Past projects include:

St Paul’s Cathedral
The Houses of Parliament
Chartres Cathedral
Château de Versailles
Magdalen College, Oxford
The Louvre
St Pancras Station
Moulins-sur-Allier Cathedral
Brighton Pavilion
Fulham Palace

I welcome visits (by appointment) to my workshop where many examples of my work are on display.

Please contact me here.



2002         City and Guilds Diploma (stonemasonry); Building Crafts College
2002         CSCS
2001+2      NVQ II and III (stonemasonry)
2000         MA in Modern and Medieval Languages; Trinity College, Cambridge University
1996          A Levels: Art (A), French (A), German (A) 


Professional experience overview

Architectural stone carving

St Paul’s Cathedral, London: indents to Corinthian capitals, foliage, cherub’s wing
Chartres Cathedral: indent repair on statue of Charlemagne, repair to foliage and flowers, indent on gargoyle
Moulins-sur-Allier Cathedral: replacement gothic capitals, large crockets and foliage
St Pancras Station/ St Pancras Chambers Hotel (facade): 14 replacement gargoyles
Grand Palais, Paris: large replacement Ionic composite capitals with garlands, whole stone replacement on large groups of figures, foliage, modillions, flowers, window keystones, decorative friezes
Royal Pavilion, Brighton: whole stone replacement of Georgian ‘oriental’ foliage
Hôtel de Ville (Town Hall), Douai: 7 large flamboyant finials
Osny parish church (Val-d’Oise): replacement of 11th Century Romanesque capitals
Harfleur church (Normandy): dog gargoyle, crockets, suspended vine-leaf motif
Palais Royal, Paris: large pineapple on facade 


Alphamstone, Essex: giant portrait head (2m tall) of local historical figure
St Pancras parish church, London: Virgin Mary
Private client, London: nude male figure in marble
Withersfield parish church, Suffolk: small Virgin Mary to fit medieval canopied niche
Private client, London: an eagle with spread wings
Private client, Paris: copy of Venus de Medicis
New build villa in Luxembourg: four carved cherubs and other figures for pediment
New build villa in New York: reclined female figure for classical pediment

Banker masonry

Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament): banker work for courtyards (including elaborate tracery), fixing
St Paul’s Cathedral, London: banker work for main facade, indent repairs, fixing
Tour St-Jacques, Châtelet: (famous medieval tower in central Paris), replacement pierced gothic balustrade
Louvre, Paris: new cornice sections for Visconti courtyard
Château de Versailles: new sections of curtain wall with vaulted sentry-boxes

Mortar repairs and restoration techniques

Chartres Cathedral: structural and cosmetic repairs to 16 statues of French kings on facade, gargoyles, foliage, capitals
Galerie Vivienne, Paris: replacement ornate 19th Century capital in lime mortar
Rampillon church, Brie, France: significant and delicate mortar repairs on 14th century doorway tympanum

Letter cutting

St Paul’s Cathedral: re-cut roman numerals on clock faces                                  
Various inscriptions for war memorials, monuments, private clients etc.


Languages: French, Italian: excellent knowledge, German: good knowledge, rudiments of many other languages